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Sue Warden Design Services

Amazing Transformations

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First, Let's Chat

This is a 15 minute free of charge conversation to allow us to get to know each other and determine if my services are a good fit to help you with your project.

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This is a 90 minute consultation to get a bit further into what your needs are, how I can help, and what the next steps are moving forward with your project.  This can be a telephone conversation, or a virtual call through Zoom that can be recorded so you can go back and listen to our conversation as many times as you like and take notes.

Working Together

Moving Forward

This is the time to define the work.  We look at the various components of the design project and break down how much time and work is required.  We look at all elements – are there some things you can reuse, where does your existing furniture fit in and where is additional décor needed to name some of the decisions to be made.  You will receive a comprehensive story board with all aspects of what has been discussed guiding you on how to move forward and implement your design.

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Full Decor Package

This is an all-inclusive decorating package, which includes the consultation, all the elements listed in "Moving Forward" but takes the design project all the way to completion.   This package would include services such as connecting with manufacturers and sourcing furniture, window treatments, and other design elements, meeting with suppliers and basically involves me working with you throughout the process.

Given our current circumstances and the pandemic, this service is unavailable at this time.

We work together closely to ensure your needs are met, and therefore, costs for services are project based.

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