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Shop Beautiful Home Decor Accents

Homeworks Etc. also creates fabulous finished home decor accents.  All products are lovingly created by the team at Homeworks Etc. and shipped finished, directly to you.  Canadian orders over $125.00 are shipped FREE!

Simple, elegant and Canadian made, I endorse these beautiful items.  Click on any of the links to go directly to where you can purchase the product.  

Don't forget - all DIY kits and finished home decor products make amazing and much appreciated gifts! 

Finished Wreath Pillow.jpg
Finished Home Body Pillow.jpg
Finished Love Grows Pillow.jpg

Wreath Throw Cushion

Homebody Throw Cushion

Love Grows Throw Cushion

Finished Happiest at Home Pillow.jpg
Finished Home Sweet Home Pillow.jpg
Finished Warm and Cozy Pillow.jpg

Happiest at Home Throw Cushion

Home Sweet Home Throw Cushion

Warm & Cozy Throw Cushion

Finished Bra Off Pillow.jpg
Finished Wine, Cozies, Reality TV Pillow
Finished Parenting Tote Bag.jpg

Bra Off, Hair Up, Sweats On Throw Cushion

Wine, Cozies, Reality TV Throw Cushion

Parenting Canvas Tote Bag

Baby Grass Wreaths.jpg
Finished Don't Wait Create Tea Towel.jpg

Baby Grass Wreaths

Pillar Candle Holders - Set of Three

Don't Wait, Create Tea Towel

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